Our Story

Hoof Apparel was founded by two vegan besties that run an animal rescue group and micro farm sanctuary together.  The animals of Moggy’s Mission and Charlotte’s Freedom Farm were the inspiration behind the brand.

Lauren Edwards and Amanda Scully (of The Pawsh Diaries) piloted creative fundraising ways to also educate the general public on compassion for animals. After holding numerous successful pop up cat cafes, goat, kitten, and dog yoga classes, and educational workshops for children they wanted to take their fundraising to the next level. This is when the idea of “Hoof” was born.

Hoof Apparel’s main goal is to not only financially support rescue animals but also spread awareness on “anti-animal cruelty.” By wearing our brand, our customers help make a difference in more ways than one. A minimum of 10% from each purchase (before tax and shipping) goes to the following Canadian rescue groups.

Moggy’s Mission is a cat, dog, and small animal rescue founded in 2013 located in the Windsor, ON area. This volunteer run program has helped rescue and re-home over 500 animals.

Charlotte’s Freedom Farm is a microsanctuary near Comber, On. It is home to over 50 animals including dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, a pig, a pony, and a donkey.

For more information on these groups, please visit Moggy’s Mission and Charlotte’s Freedom Farm.

We plan to donate to other animal rescue groups in the near future.